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There are numerous benefits and reasons why you should be getting yourself booked in for a consultation to see if you can benefit from the treatment.

First and foremost, sports massage therapy is to be used to aid relaxation, also, the therapy can increase flexibility and range of movement within individuals. You can then look at some long-term benefits of sports massage therapy, such as pain reduction, recovery and even aiding in prevention of further injuries.

These all go hand in hand and will be beneficial to anybody, as mentioned you could be an athlete looking to recover between intense sessions or even keep injury away throughout the ‘season’. You could be that super parent who works non-stop and the body needs a little bit of taking care of, but we at TLD Coaching will say this. Get yourself a consultation booked in and any questions you may have let us answer them for you right away.

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benefits of the sports massage service

Sports massage is more than just a painful poking (in our eyes at least). Check out the benefits below for why it may help you!

Reduced chance of Injury through aiding stiff muscles or range of motion.

Stiffness in certain muscles can affect mobility and exercise performance. Increased the blood flow to suspect muscle areas allow that muscle group to work more effectively and safely.

Helps to identify/alleviate any troublesome muscles you may have.

A sports massage is quick at identifying any potential imbalances or over-dominance and so can help to advise on work necessary movements.

Increased relaxation and reduction in stress.

Alleviating tight muscles are a great way to provide relaxation after a period of heavy workouts and can also contribute to a reduction in stress hormones.

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