TLD – a trio of professional no-nonsense coaches, who want to help you become the best version of you.

Based in Altrincham, Cheshire, the TLD coaching team is headed up by Tom, Liam and Dan, with a combined 15+ years in the Personal Training/Performance Coaching industry. All 3 have had a passion for sport from exercise from an early and decided to turn their passion into a successful career.

Between them they want to help as many individuals to lead a better life, to achieve more in sport and to unlock and fulfil that inner athlete we all have inside of us.

liam duffy tld coaching


Personal Trainer

Do you want to work with a coach who gets results the right way? That cares about his client’s goal as much as they do? Do you want to work with a coach that prides himself on continual professional development in his line of work? That consistently strives for the best by gaining extra qualifications and attending multiple annual seminars ensuring that his knowledge is current and relevant?

My philosophy through coaching is to work alongside you to achieve the results you desire, no matter where you are in the world.

I pride myself on using the knowledge, expertise and experience I have gained over the last 7 years to support all my clients in surpassing attainable goals and exceeding the expectations they have of the ‘average personal trainer’. I only provide the highest quality coaching. I commit fully to planning and delivering the best individualised sessions for all my clients.

Along with my Level 3 Personal Training qualification and I have also gained qualifications in the nutritional sector, to help with weight management and also to support with supplement requirements whilst taking part in training programmes. As part of my continuing professional development I have also recently qualified from the Advanced Coaching Academy, which is one of, if not the UK’s leading training course in the industry. This course covered nutrition, anatomy, biomechanics, psychology and much more, leaving in the strongest position to help any individual at any ability level.

That means whether you are a beginner who is new to the fitness world, or sports personnel looking to ready themselves for the next big event, I can help, support and guide you to achieve your goals.


Personal Trainer

My philosophy is to help and motivate you to exceed your goals and produce RESULTS and educating you through the process to ensure long term success”

From the ages of 13-18 years old I was part of the Blackpool FC academy and this is where my passion for health and fitness really started to develop. When my time at Blackpool FC came to an end I focused my attention on one of my specialised areas which is “Athlete and Sport Development”. This can range from amateur to semi-professional and even professional athletes to guide them to the next level of their development.

My other specialised areas are: Hypertrophy Training, Fat Loss and Exercise Referral.

Through my role as a Personal Trainer/Performance Coach and my time at university studying for my BSc Degree in Sports Coaching I gained the knowledge to ensure that my clients achieve the goals they had set for themselves.

I believe in educating my clients through explaining every detail, whether that be in training or nutrition to further their own knowledge and understanding that will promote long term results. I do this through further developing my knowledge and researching other methods of training to allow me to produce the highest level of personal training that I can offer my clients.

We are in this journey together and you will have my continuous support and encouragement.

dan tld coaching


Personal Trainer

‘My coaching philosophy is based heavily on having as much fun in the process as you can but also ensuring every step along the path to your goal is a sustainable one. No crash diets, no generic meal plans, no one-size fits all training programme. You are an individual, who also has individual needs and so the help or programme you receive is completely tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Being trained in a heavy science background at university I’m a huge advocate for the evidence-based approach. If there’s a shred of doubt or better way of working with a training method or nutritional strategy from an evidential point of view, and its relevance to your situation, it will be adjusted accordingly.

I also pride myself on my hunger to learn daily and ensure I deliver the best service possible. As such I partake in numerous continued professional development areas in the industry on an ongoing basis. From strength and conditioning courses to one of the most widely distinguished courses in the Advanced Coaching Academy, then being coached by an industry leading nutrition coach and to weightlifting seminars, I ensure I have the necessary expertise in the subject I’m advising on.

I genuinely enjoy training and so practice what I preach each and every week in training and nutrition. But when it comes to helping people I care most about showing you the other numerous benefits as well as the reduced body fat goals or increased of muscle. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete I’m confident we can work together to get your goals permanently.

no frills. no rubbish. just proven ways to become fitter


With a combined 15+ years’ experience in Personal Training/Performance Coaching, TLD are well equipped in helping you achieve your goals.


The Coaches at TLD regularly help clients get the body they want whilst ensuring it is achieved in a healthy, sustainable way.


TLD offer both online and in person training to help support you as the individual in the required manner.

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